Services We Provide

  • High-Speed Digital Hardware Design
We have experience designing digital hardware operating up to 2.5 GHz

  • Mixed-Signal Circuit Design
Extensive experience designing mixed signal hardware comprising: ADC/DACs amplifiers,
and servo control systems

  • Embedded Processor Hardware and Software Design
For dsPIC and PIC32 processors

  • FPGA Design
Xilinx FPGA using VHDL particularly the Virtex Series of devices

  • Analog(ue) and RF Circuit Design
Analog and RF design experience up to 7GHz

  • On Site EDA/CAD Support Service
We have expertise in a wide range of tools supplied by various vendors, and can provide
on-site EDA support services on a short or long term basis.

  • Analogue and Mixed-Signal Simulation Services
Often, getting your initial mixed-signal or analogue simulation to run can burn-up a lot of
time, particularly full-chip simulations. We have extensive experience in solving all types
of analogue simulation problems such as: speed, convergence, accuracy and simulator

  • Process Design Kit (PDK) Development Services
Creating your own PDK is another time-consuming job that may not warrant a full-time
employee. This is another area where we can help save you time.

  • Mixed-signal and signal integrity modelling services
If you require help in creating any of the following types of model we will be happy to give
you a quote:

SPICE  - macro-models or parameter extraction for compact models
IBIS - signal integrity models
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